Ponting…yes we doubt you!

In a press conference, Ricky Ponting was asked about the catch which he told the umpire was clean. Firstly, conflict of interest is one of the most important and well-guarded issues today. Cricket used to be a gentleman’s game. Now, with the amount of money and interest riding on whether that catch was clean or not, asking a person (who has a conflict of interest) as to the verity of the catch is unfair to the person, the others, the spectators and the game itself.
Putting Ponting on the spot was unfair and foolish. Yes, the Aussies walk when they think they are out. But that’s because they usually play pressure-free. From time to time, some team puts them in great pressure and the instinct to win no matter what comes out. I don’t blame them, that’s why we have umpires; because players cannot be trusted.
To the question, Ricky took offense that “You are questioning my integrity”. Now Mr Ponting, we, unlike you have the handicap of education, logic and clear thinking. Here is our take on it. The catch was shown by technology to be dirty. You said it was clean. So, you are wrong.
Either we are questioning your integrity or your eyesight. You pick. We chose the former because you thrash bowlers and pinch women with amazing hand-eye co-ordination. This leads us to your integrity. Here the women pinching thing helps our case!

So, what do you think?

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