Some Intellectual cripples

There are 6.5 billion people in this world. The world is run by the top 1%. That makes it about 65 million. That’s a huge number. Mensa, the international high IQ site accepts people in it if their intelligence ranks in the top 2%. Not all these people are contributing to the success in this world.
There are some who are gifted with above-average intelligence but also cursed with complete lack of direction. This makes these people appear lazy, irreverent and incompetent. Do not confuse these people with those with learning disabilities. These are more normal than you realize. It is just their precociousness and their intellectual speed which makes them pretty good at whatever they try. This precludes easy choice of the path in life which is possible for those with lesser intelligence but more determination. These people are naturally motivated in one particular direction and appear a lot more focused than those who are the topic of this discussion.
Such people tend either to wander aimlessly in search of an ambition or implode with destructive thoughts leading frustrating idleness.
Such people are ill and need to be treated. They need some upper hand to show them the needed direction or at least some method by which they may arrive at it themselves. This topic may seem unimportant and these people may not even seem disadvantaged as they are incredibly gifted. No one denies that. The truth is, however that they need help. The even scarier truth is that there are many like these. The hope is there in the fact that these people, if given direction, will solve some of the biggest bottlenecks in the world. This is the most untapped resource for us. These are the people who will shape our future. We have had enough of average people running the world. We need exceptionally gifted and committed people on the job. Someday this untapped resource of brilliance will be harvested.

One thought on “Some Intellectual cripples

  1. Excellent article!

    Hope, it’s not too pretentious to say, I could relate to the post!

    Apart from what you’ve mentioned (This precludes easy choice of the path in life which is possible for those with lesser intelligence but more determination.), those exceptionally gifted, do not finding challenging what it takes to succeed – many times the mundane, repetitive tasks. They find them more boring, and hence have to summon much greater will power to execute them than someone with lesser intelligence.

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