Black letter on the Wall

I don’t know if anyone else feels it or not. To me the Democratic Primaries are turning slowly from completely unpredictable to more and more one-sided. With the inevitable pull-out of Sen. John Edwards from the race, it is becoming more and more clear that Barack Obama is going to be the Democratic nominee to the most powerful office in the world.
Anyone who read Paul Krugman’s article in the New York Times about the Edwards effect will appreciate the astute conclusions drawn by this man, which is just how important Sen. Edwards has been to this campaign. While he has thrown in the presidential towel, he might still be used to balance Obama’s ticket. He will certainly add cream to Obama’s coffee so to speak and help White America vote for the change that Obama represents.
With the combination of Edwards and Obama, and the support of a Democrat Congress, there is a good chance of seeing the dream of America’s first non-white president.
When Obama became the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, he told people to refrain from thinking that black rights in America are now real and tangible. It was far from it then, and is far from it now too. Even today, your chances of being pulled over for almost nothing at all are more than double when you are non-white.
Who knows, Obama may actually help improve the condition of the people who make up America’s true diversity.

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