MNS has PMS!

The recent drubbing of Samajwadi party workers along with innocent taxi drivers and hawkers by gundas belonging to the Maharashtra Navanirman Sena led by the hero Raj Thakeray has reminded us just how far behind the rest of the world India really is.
The journalist from Times Now asked Shishir Shinde, the spokesperson of MNS as to why this was done etc etc…(Here I would like to add a word of praise for her for, as Dan Rather calls it Speaking Truth to Power). This man arrogantly replied that the taxi was destroyed as it carried SP members who had abused Raj Thakeray. Hellooo! We are allowed to abuse him. This happens to be a democracy. Here, I will show you…Raj Thakeray is nothing but an educated bandit who is raping the people of Maharashtra by preying on their frustration…just like his inept cousin Uddhav…just like his bandit uncle Bal. I have every right to say this as I am a citizen of India having the right to free speech.
This stupid pustule Shinde has the gall to say, (when the journo questioned him on innocent people harmed in this display of bullshittiness…there I said it again!) that these things sometimes happen. So here you go Mumbaikars, you are being partly represented by an ignorant piece of shit who treats harmless victims as collateral damage.
I think Raj simply has a case of PMS, which leads to PISS (Political Idleness & Stupidity Syndrome) which leads to CRAP (Cowardly Rape and Pillage). Sadly for you Raj, people were watching this on TV and they won’t be swayed by fake Marathi chants unlike the public during your uncle’s reign. There are reasons for this. First of all, your uncle had a semblance of a reasonable excuse: There was enough violence on both the Hindu and Muslim sides. Hindus needed some radical representation of their own. Secondly, people weren’t as educated then and hence more given to radical thoughts.
I assume you collected a bunch of Gundas from people who had nothing better to do than do what you command coz they probably failed all their courses and could not get into good colleges even after you & your ancestors self-righteously halved the entrance cut-off for your brothers. And you are upset coz Amitabh wants to do something for UP? What crap! Don’t we all celebrate when NRI’s build nice temples in the Western world? Try to understand nationalism…you know what, go back to school and learn might learn some civic sense too.
If you are really upset with Uttar Bharatiyas coming to Mumbai and flourishing, (which by the way, smart Maharashtrians are doing too, as you prove by your 500 crore property, why don’t you donate some of it as a true Maharashtrian, you hypocrite!)…again you are really upset with north indians flourishing, try and beat them at their game if you can…coz I love the samosas and chaat on the road…and I buy vegetables from bhaiyyas…do better in business than them and the gujjus…make your kids get better marks at school than UPites…oh wait…I forgot…your kids don’t need good marks…you have rigged the system well enough to ensure that!
The person who loses in all this is the true Marathi who I know well. They form a bulk of my friend circle and they want nothing to do with you. Firstly because they are educated hard-working people who believe in getting what you deserve and deserving what you get and secondly because…well they are educated!
And lastly, another person who is most confused is someone who is not originally from Maharashtra but is as Maharashtrian as all of you. I belong to that category. Yes I have a native place in the south but I rarely go there and Mumbai is the only world I know. Who the fuck are you claiming proprietorship over our bhoomi!

So, what do you think?

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