A different Language

A different Language

Ever get the feeling

That everyone around you
Is speaking a tongue
That only you don’t get

It haunts me these days
I feel seriously inept
When I hear all around me
Knowing so much about knowledge

If it was my IQ deficiency
I would have accepted it
But it is a deep cluelessness
That I can’t swallow

I always thought I was
Capable and yet well above average
Feelings of cluelessness
Taunt me to no end

How come all of you
Were born with a purpose
And I was bereft of
Of that very gene
That tells me what
To think and to do

I am tired of being called
Lazy and impertinent
When all I need
Is merely a scent
Of a goal in life
In education
In work, in society
In family.

Times change people do too
There is something finite in me
That I must find and accept
So I can dream too

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