Raj…do you dare?

Do you really dare, Mr Raj Thakeray, to stand in front of the trains which come from North India?
Why are you so stupid as to create a feeling of national animosity towards Maharashtra? Aren’t you afraid Maharashtra will be asked to leave India?
We can create another Mumbai anywhere else without your impeding self!
Economist S.D. Naik said that as of 2006, Maharashtra has a debt of Rs 1.15 lakh crore. Please count the zeroes in it. And then count again. And again…you might get it right eventually.First bother about returning it, then will address the issue of Maharashtra’s autonomy. You being so proud of Mumbai and asking others to get a visa to come here shows your gross dereliction of a little book called the Indian constitution. Do you know who is making Mumbai the business centre? Take a look at Dalal street. You have a chance of learning Gujarati in one hour just by standing there….but then I forgot…you don’t believe in observation, analysis and reason.
Mumbai is a geographical part of Maharashtra. It is just a bunch of people which includes but is not limited to Maharashtrians. It is portable, believe me. Remember when USA brought the IT industry to India and offered it to Mumbai, your stupid ass uncle Bal refused to take it and Chandrababu Naidu of Hyderabad lapped it up. Ergo, Hyderabad-Cyberabad.
You really are a dumbass.
So, go ahead. Stand in front of the trains coming from North India. To the rest of the nation, I advise playing Train Simulator. It will arm you with the necessary skills to put this idiot out of the way.
The deepest irony is this Raj, that I thought you were a shrewd politician, and you will eventually overthrow your cousin Uddhav. But believe me, while you are bumbling around being Sonny, Michael is at home with the Godfather learning his ways and who knows, Uddhav might improve. One thing is true, Bal Thakeray is a gunda too..but he is a smarter politician.
My final advice, collect some people of your party that you trust, go back to your uncle and plead forgiveness. Use the same expression we use to confront our dad after denting his car!

2 thoughts on “Raj…do you dare?

  1. raj thackeray is also politician..and an opportunist like bal is. bal did this ( what raj is doing with north indians) with tamils in 1969 or so. both are dumbasses!!

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