The Average

You feel bad because you are average
I say you are the most gifted, for
Life is built for you, o common man
And you are tailor-made for this world

Your ambitions are lower, ditto expectations
Your disappointments run lower
There is no fear of acceptance, as,
Society craves affiliation with its own

You fit in well, I don’t, I am
Hated yet cannot change myself
Cynicism and loneliness are my
Crutches in this world of ostracism

The average have everything in the world
Ability to enjoy everyday humor
The enjoyment in laboring over a puzzle
The attention of women who need a person
Slower than them to make them secure

Their attention is never divided
Ability to focus on mundane tasks
Is one of their discerning qualities
What can I say, they have all
That life asks

3 thoughts on “The Average

  1. ty for stopping by my blog.This is a great write-up.I say we r all Average…and we r all more than average. 🙂 Every person is a unique creation that no one/nothing can replace. See the beauty of that!Keshi.

  2. @keshi:true…but one must not confuse average with mundane…mundane would be a bad thing to call someone…we are all average in some sense or the other…and yet we are special…I have succeeded in going around and around and paraphrased your very comment…so I will stop my blocked thoughts…but then again thoughts..!Thanks for stopping by…keep reading…and keep writing…you have a real talent

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