My posts: an analysis..wandering away into incoherence

Most of you who bothered to look at my blog might wonder as to what kind of deviantly possessed demented brain could come up with this shit…yet some stuff I write may make you nod…some others make you roll your eyes…well…writing is amazingly as spontaneous as farting.
Now many will cringe and ask me why I had to demean a noble act by lumping it with an objectionable one. The truth is people are prejudiced. We always say there should be zero tolerance for prejudice…but the truth is prejudice is one of our most primitive reactions.
Don’t tell me not to judge a book by the cover…why else would a book have a cover? Would it not begin with index or the first chapter directly…or is the cover present to protect the sanctity of the book’s interiors from the kanjoos people who try to read a book without paying for it at flora fountain or the “hip” kanjoos people who do the same at Crossword…sitting on velvet sofas reading away like it was the British Council library!
Back to prejudice and lumping two things together, where one questions social decorum and the other is treated by people as normal.
I believe that writing and farting are spontaneous and should be compared as they are really similar.
I could go into details but there is a certain master plan I set out to abide by when I started this
blog. I could elaborate, oh I wish to, but there is an alter of me which controls the shit I say…Now I know what you are thinking…it does not look like there is anything controlling what i say, but trust me, if you looked into my fucked-up thoughts, you would realize that there is a filter in the brain and it is working overtime!
I am going to concede defeat to those prejudicial people who hate my comparison, but I would retire with one statement…writing is not such a bad thing!

2 thoughts on “My posts: an analysis..wandering away into incoherence

  1. of course writing is not such a bad thing. it is the miracle that lets people be heard.oh n yeah i read sometimes at crossword. it’s not kanjoosi..but the inability to afford overpriced books, paired unfortunately with a congenital love for reading.

  2. @ranjita:the kanjoos allegation was not very literal…no offence meant…I do see what you mean by the coupling of inability to afford and love for the written word…thanks for stoppin by!

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