Gifted depravity

Morality is a tricky concept. There are a certain number of rules which were framed by people existing well before us. These rules are adapted by contemporary authorities. All is fair and well within the bounds of such rules.
Somehow we paint a horrible picture of those who transgress those limits that were prescribed by the purveyors of morality. It is probably not such a bad thing.

There are and have always been renegades who have shed these shackles of morality and chose to find out for themselves…well…everything.

The most gifted people in this world, intellectually or otherwise, have always displayed an almost contemptuous skepticism of the rules that have been set in moral code. They are often seen experimenting with drugs, alcohol, sex and crime.

One will choose to blame them for their narcissism in believing that they know more. The reality is that, they know they don’t know. They also know that knowledge of morality did not reside at the feet of the pioneers of morality. Their desire to experiment comes from the true knowledge which resides in the realization that you know nothing.

People don’t understand the strife that the gifted go through. Imagine going through life on the fringes of reality as you know it. There is no shelter of people smarter than you who will provide the proverbial umbrella should the rain come.
The highly intellectually gifted person is extremely frightened. This life is one of ultimate trepidation colored by occasional realizations about certain beauties of life and patterns of nature that simply passes through mundane brains, untouched.
The gifted person has no standards to live by, no goals to strive for and no targets tough enough that they would have to work hard to achieve.

The descent of the genius into depravity is the ultimate challenge. The prodigy challenges himself to climb out of this depravity, unscathed.

For one needs to descend for the purpose of ascending when one has no ascent remaining.

So, what do you think?

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