Analogy: A similarity between like features of two things based on which a comparison can be made.

It happens to be a clever way of introducing new ideas, or rehashed versions of old ones. An analogy helps people relate to arcane, outlandish ideas, and in many cases, bring a smile to peoples’ faces. There is something indescribable about the sublime intermingling of ideas which blend with an overlap, not of such mundane criteria like size, shape or color, but of pure quintessence. These ideas merge as though it wasn’t a coincidence that they were so fundamentally similar. Of course, all this seems poetic and mystical in description; well, because it is.

At least to an extent. There is more to this than meets the eye. It is true that these ideas overlap in a poetic way of capturing the most erudite mind. What is submerged within the outer overlap, and yet screamingly clear once you analyze it, is the undeniable existence of a fundamental plan, a symmetry in the being which we all are a part of.

Randomness is a term given by us to probable patterns too large or to convoluted for us to spot. These patterns are found sooner or later. They have always existed, waiting with an unshakable patience which only inanimate thoughts are capable of.

But I digress…

What does all this have to do with an analogy? Well, nothing and yet everything!
An analogy, by my scope is nothing but a collection and comparison of two ideas which came out of the same framework. These ideas are somehow disjoint and it is somehow destined for people to spot these connections and bring them to others.

There is a strange determinism which might sadden people who expect and want life to be unpredictable. Sorry to disappoint you, but the truth is chillingly omnipresent, no matter how much you ignore it.

There is something to take heart from. We aren’t gifted enough to see through all the patterns, thus leaving room for surprise when that analogy works out for us. Enough has happened in this world to make it clear that there is a plan in the randomness, a method to the madness and a reason to the unpredictable.

So, what do you think?

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