I need an obsession

I need an obsession

Something to drown myself into

To take away mundane worries

And get rid of small change

I need to exercise the

Amount of passion I have

On reserve

Nervous energy builds up

And releases itself in ways

Not very productive

I need a diversion

Something to surround myself with

To escape the easy outs offered

By food and alcohol

I need to cherish something

To wake up for a cause

To feel crazy about an entity

To take some pause

In this daily rat race

And this hunt for achievement

For the purpose of

Achievement alone

Why do we love to

Express ourselves so much

When it can be looked upon as

Subjecting unsuspecting ones to

Creative and emotional outbursts

It never ceases to make me angry

The amount of time I can waste

Obsessing over the need for

An obsession to my taste

Deny me my special search

Force me to conform

To regular laws and rules

And maybe I can find peace

There is probably no peace

Meant for some people

Languishing in wonder and doubt

Is probably their fate

Let not me be one of those

Let me find a pursuit worthy

Of my time, energy and life’s standards

For when my eyes finally close

I would like to be sorry

To miss whatever I have been doing.

It should feel like an end

To a life spent in fulfillment

Of a goal personally set

Of a target mentally formed

And though not achieved

I would like to have gone farther

Than I could imagine going on

The path to that achievement

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