Giving in

I opened the door and went in,

With a guilt inexplicable within;

To get something I knew I wanted

By giving in to temptations undaunted.

The old lady saw me and smiled.

She knew I vacillated a while,

Knew how much I resisted coming,

And yet she knew what was forthcoming.

There was a finality in her glance

As if she knew I had no chance

Of limiting myself, of tethering myself,

Or ever winning a debate with myself.

She had an expression of disapproval

As if, since last time, I’d grown a soul

And decided against this path again.

She would oblige me but with disdain.

I told her what I was looking for

She sent me to a corner unseen before

I went obediently and stood aside

To let hedonism and resistance collide

With a clear winner, as always

Favoring satisfaction over malaise

I took what I wanted, the heathen pleasure

I felt satisfaction beyond measure

During my vulgar enjoyment of my fill

(Must every desire we fulfill?)

When I was done I considered me

With utter revulsion and some pity

I had self-control and discipline

But, for this I knew I would give in

I exited the place with irritation

(This was of course an aberration)

I swore in life, I’ll do anything

But I’ll never go again to Burger King

16 thoughts on “Giving in

  1. @Keshi, Laksh and Solitaire:I don’t deny that this poem was meant to be an anticlimax in that you imagine something more serious, but let me assert that junk food can be as much an addiction as the other stuff…this is a true story!

  2. As much as I tried to comment poetically, I couldn’t coz I realized poetry wasn’t my forte. If I could, I’d write one on Pizza Hut. During my last week in Cleveland, I ran out of groceries and was too lazy to shop. So, I ordered pizzas day and night. I ate so many pizzas that the very sight of a pizza will now cause nausea. No kidding! I ruined my affinity for pizzas!

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