Just a small thought

Sometimes I have the nastiest habit of reading too much into things. On one of my “extremely frustrated” days, I went to Manhattan armed with my Nikon Coolpix S550 and decided to just walk around and look around. The thing is, I walk for hours at a stretch. Then I stop at some quiet coffee shop and have a grande whilst writing something, and then off I go again. If I see something worth photographing, I snap. You might expect the same old-same old photos of Times Square, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and the like. But that is a very small part of NYC. Manhattan has so much more to offer that, I feel I will never discover its depths even in many years.

So there I was, walking through Central Park, looking for things to capture, when I saw this amazing view. You can see it in the two amateur photos above. It is a view of a building outside the park, seen from the Park. I was trying to capture this tree stump along with the building in some warped “Nature meets man” way. As you can see in the first pic, the stump is clear, the building is not. I concluded that this was because there was too much light falling on the camera, and placed my hand as a sunshade over the camera. The next pic shows the building clearly but the tree stump takes a beating.

A normal, intelligent person would reach the conclusion that I am truly an amateur and that a professional would have found a way to get both.

I just got another idea. It looked to me like the building was encroaching upon the tree’s right to our attention. Only when we starve the building of attention, do we see the tree properly. The way I see it, we have a choice. We can choose whether to blind ourselves by not allowing the light to hit us, just to further the buildings’ interest, or we can wake up, embrace the truth, and save nature before we lose it altogether.

6 thoughts on “Just a small thought

  1. would love to see the historical side of manhattan..u know those old zamana buildings juxtaposed against concrete and glass

  2. hmm .. nice column, but i think maybe reading a bit much into the nature v/s man thing.. nature was created by God in 6 days so man could build buildings, and occasionally fell them .. i know, but it is cute to see u r so dreamy-eyed still, and not a cynical old bog like me!

  3. @lakshI agree that I seem to be reading to much into things, but that caveat was mentioned at the very start of this post…so if the writer himself thought this post to be a little square…the reader is forewarned!

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