Of Pale kristols, and wright stuff

William Kristol has written an Op-Ed in the gray lady, which has, at best, betrayed his conservative dogma, and at worst, brought the newspaper of record to disrepute. Based on a telephonic interview of Sarah Palin, this piece, penned with an adulation quite resembling feverish worship, goes on to cover various softball questions lobbed sweetly at her by this articulate, posturing, conservative fundamentalist. Remember this is the man who said that the US entry into Iraq would not result in a sectarian scuffle. He is clearly not given to rational analysis of every word or thought coming across his way.

This column reminded me of Sarah Palin’s tv interview conducted by Sean Hannity (cruelly but accurately termed as an infomercial by Crooksandliars.com’s John Amato). Hannity, though seems like a redneck who would put party before principles. Somehow, Kristol seems like the intelligent but misled person from whom you would not expect such pandering cynicism. I would argue that Hannity knows not any better, but I would find it hard to believe that Kristol is a stupid person. He is a true cynic, for he knows that Sarah Palin is a joke, but still supports her.

Her response to every question is to launch into a jingoistic tirade devoid of substance or rational argument but well garnished with words like maverick, Washington-outsider, country first etc. She is saying things that are so removed from the truth that one might as well believe that the earth is flat if one believes her. She refuses to believe in evolution, is a clear Jesus-freak, believes abortion is a sin even in cases of rape and incest, believes in abstinence education but has an unwed teenage daughter. (By the way, how come there are no criminal charges of statutory rape leveled against Levi Johnson, the boy who knocked up the underaged, but over-fertile Bristol Palin?

I feel sorry for her son Track, who is in Iraq. While anyone who goes to fight for his country no matter what the mission is deserves praise, this boy has the added microscope following his moves. While she claimed to have studied for the debate, her son said that he was praying for her success. The smart Republicans who are cynically supporting her must have said the Bible to themselves twenty times over praying that she remembers the talking points (which she sort of did) and she learn to pronounce nuclear (that did not work as we were treated to the more folksy nukular along with a lot of winking and references to hockey-moms and Joe-sixpacks.)

At the head of the debate, she said that her answers may not have anything to do with the questions. She was right. When I was going through school, we always had mediocre professors who were very nice to the mediocre students, but preferred to crush precocious minds. The US electorate is similar. Instead of shelving its ego, and voting for the best person possible for the job, they will tend to vote for the person who seems the most like themselves, for this country is filled with the Lotto crazies who believe not only that can they win a small fortune in an instant, they even believe that they deserve it. Hence the desire to vote for the common-seeming person, which betrays their narcissism.

I will never understand why Obama attends Reverend Wright’s church; that man seems to have some serious issues, and Obama had to publicly denounce him in the primaries to even have a chance. In this country, you have to have faith to run for elections. The people attach a moral compass to a person who goes to a room with other people on Sundays, and pledges his undying loyalty and inferiority to a fairy tale told to him when his mind was young and defenseless. Palin however, need not attack him on that. Forget that Obama’s health care plan covers most people, forget that he plans to cut taxes for 95% of the middle class and the underprivileged, forget that he actually has a plan for bringing US troops safely home, forget that he has the wisdom to surround himself with economic experts to pull the country and in a way, the world out of this crisis, forget all that…what everyone is focusing on is that Obama is an educated elitist who seems like a smart snob and McCain is a maverick because he says so.

The world leading country is slowly being filled with a bunch of hayseeds, incapable of critical thinking, and swallowing as gospel what anyone tells them, just like the owners of the country wanted it. (Refer George Carlin)

5 thoughts on “Of Pale kristols, and wright stuff

  1. excellent analysisdeep stuff…apart from all that isnt it same like back home when the part we least want to win unexpectedly does well..

  2. Wonderful! Palin’s incompetence seems even more pronounced here! LOL @ ‘nukular’ – Very observant! And McCain is a maverick coz Palin said so! She is only fit to be a porn star, not the vice-president of a sinking first-world country that’s sending out SOS signals!

  3. @sthitapragnyaI see wat you mean…arrogant incompetence actually impresses me in a weird way as to how did this person muster up the guts to give interviews…it is sorta similar to giving the IITJEE in 7th std or something!

  4. my choice was McCain for his experience/wisdom of age..but the US Electorate got charmed by Obama speeches. Hillary was a good choice too but no woman has become president till now..so she was entering where no woman has gone before!! TINA factor favored Obama though he had no political exp! It is all 'mind' and not intellect that decides when it is tough times..sure, Obama knew that from the start..he used his oratory skills again if you watch his career graph.

    Liberalcynic: Both McCain and Obama were bad for the job. They are both politicians, and will do whatever suits their agenda. Obama just had better oratory skills, and some amount of celebrity due to his youth, which made him popular with the young population. Hillary has run on a platform of universal health care, which she would have never been able to pass even if she had become president. As a result, her fervent supporters would have gotten jilted, making re-election very difficult.

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