Tedious rants

People! Stop holding doors for other people! Even in crowded bustling New York City; it is insane how you manage to pump chivalry and politeness into such crammed workdays. It is one thing for you to expect me to hold the door open when you are right behind me, but if you’re far away, you’re on your own. One wonders what the limit is, beyond which the intensity of chivalry wanes. I like the 5-second rule. If you can get to the door in five seconds, I hold it open. The calculation of how soon you reach is mine only…non negotiable. Of course, if you are lagging, I suggest you buck up, although the energy wasted in the speed increase could be used to open the door…

The next person who tells me to have a nice day is getting the shraapam of his life. He is forewarned of boils in very private organs which will make small pox seem like a mosquito bite. When I reach the checkout counter of a grocery store, I will not ask you “How are ya?” Not because I’m rude, mainly because I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass. I mean that with sincerity and honesty; you know…the kind that you don’t mean when you are asking me about my day, and then telling me to have a nice one. That applies to smiles too. Let’s have fewer but more genuine smiles. And once in a while, let’s see some frowns. We could all use some bad expressions. Kinda colors the day more.

If I sneeze, and you are right in front of me, and we are having a conversation, and you are done wiping yourself dry, I will excuse the bless you. All those who scream bless you from the other end of the car of the E train at Penn Station need to get a life. We could all use a little less blessing and little more reality…maybe some paper napkins too…

People hawking politicians can stop pretending to know their stuff now that Election Day will pass soon. It is so annoying to see people wanting to vote for Obama but not being able to name any legislative action he has taken as senator.

Women who are bad drivers, you have an added responsibility on you. Don’t reinforce the stereotype that women cannot drive well! The majority of women who drive competently are continually judged because you usual suspects always come along and make people roll their eyes. Apologies to women everywhere for this rant.

Many more to come…

8 thoughts on “Tedious rants

  1. Wow, some rant .. I am afraid NY is as <>sans<> chivalry as it gets, so if you’ve got your panties twisted about that,.. there isn’t much hope for you in Springfield, USA .. dude. Don’t hold the door open if you don’t want to. Although if its a pretty girl, and you don’t hold the door open, I have to worry about your orientation (you know what I mean!)

  2. Aaah! You’ve voiced all my peeves about ‘American’ decency! I’m sick of it! The most irritating is the ‘Bless you’ part! I don’t want to be blessed by some random person on the street. It’s a sin even to sneeze! GOD!

  3. i do all the aforementioned things… apart from ‘bless u’…jus to reinforce tht i m not tht rude as my face depicts n there verry few humans like u n people above me in ‘comments’ tht understand these rantings!nonetheless amazing topic to write … waiting for more … a good read… especially since i had bad day …. thanku….

  4. haha I agree with Alok..if u think u’ve got it bad in NY…come down to good ‘ol Syracuse :D…its “politeness heaven” with smiles,holding door open for >15 min or more…the whole gamut..:D…I sometimes feel that when I go to mumbai,’m gonna have a door bang in my face ‘coz of this habit:D

  5. @sthitapragnyaFinally someone who shares my cynical frustration!@Fat gujju and chocoliciousgirlI guess this rant is an overreaction, but there is a case to be made for space-freaks like me who appreciate only sincere courtesy and not faux politeness!

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