Quirks & peccadilloes

Just to be clear, I have not been tagged by anyone to write about my quirks. Seeing as everyone in the blogosphere is writing about these, and that I have some really weird quirks of my own, I decided to write about them.

So here goes…

  1. Good Mornings

    Mornings can be of two kinds for me, good and bad. Let me stop you right at the beginning if you’re gonna say that that happens to everyone. My good mornings are ridiculously cheerful, and you would think that not only did I get up on the right side of bed that day, also that that bed was co-occupied by Angelina Jolie or something. I bid cheerful greetings to passers-by who are often irritated (that includes fellow students, lab mates, the Dunkin Donuts staffer…)

  2. Bad mornings

    These are really bad, and I yell and snap at cheerful people (see above) who have the audacity to greet me. I say things I don’t mean, and write things in blogs that I really feel.

  3. Food

    I am a complete non-vegetarian, with some tendency to consume veggies now and then. When I eat something with meat in it, I eat all the other crap first, saving the meat for later. Then I wonder that why did I leave so much meat
    and no dressing to eat with it.

    When I eat M&M’s or tic tacs, they have to be in even numbers, such that I put half on one side of the mouth and half on the other side.

    Until they enter my mouth, different food items on my plate can never touch each other.

    When I drink soda, the fizz has to remain till the last drop (difficult huh!) so keep closing the soda bottle after every gulp, each time tighter than the previous, and then I wince when I have to open it.

    Any coffee I drink has to be hot till the last drop, hence a microwave is indispensable when I have the large cuppas.

    I refuse to eat with chopsticks. No negotiation there.

  4. Misc

    My wallet stays in my front pant pocket, no matter how suggestive the bulge becomes. It is the aftermath of years of travel in Bombay trains, and pick pocket paranoia, although now that I think about it, in Bombay my wallet never had more than Rs 20.

    I always always put on my left shoe first. (This, I think is common)

    This has barely scratched the surface. More later.

7 thoughts on “Quirks & peccadilloes

  1. Nice! This quirk thing has become a fad. Everyone’s at it! It’s nice to know weirdos aren’t alone in this world. I feel connected now! And yes, I’m guilty of carrying the wallet in the front pocket too! And the food items in the plate not touching each other thing is almost a fetish!

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