You dared, you failed

Yes, we are not silent, but loud

We are obnoxiously rich and proud

We are shameless flaunting our prosperity

Not in richness and baubles, but integrity

You came through our shores,

We did not stop you then

For there are many who come so

We’d rather not prejudge them

You betrayed our trust, transgressed our boundaries

Hurt, maimed and yes…killed our brothers

We know not what you want, what you desire

We would like to know the cause of your ire

But fear we shall not, as we never knew trepidation

Your shenanigans budge us not an inch

There is nothing we desire more than peace

But we shall not lose sleep worrying

You dared many times to breach our strongholds

You think you have succeeded

But look at our faces, our resolve, and our demeanor

Do you really dare celebrate?

For your greater target lies unachieved

As it always shall be, for our heads will never droop

We believe in rights, privacy and fun

You took none of that away

We are not those who believe

In ruining life in fear of death

You can try and try again

We shall not blink as you can see

But let me also say in return

That we are not as passive as we might appear

The day we know what it is you are

We shall obliterate you with no trace

To leave a clue that you existed

Until that day, live with knowledge that

You’ve done nothing to shake us

I love my city to no end. This is a tribute to Mumbai and her amazing resilience.

To all Mumbaikars, it’s time we declared just how valuable she is to us.

7 thoughts on “You dared, you failed

  1. Very well said…I truly salute the Mumbai’s resilience & bravery..The city that stands up to face the shit that is meted out to it..and stands up despite all the measly and cowardly blows hurled at it..its no wonder that it is repeatedly attacked for its bravery is a threat even to its perpetrators…

  2. May we act withresilienceand determinationbe not mistakenthis silencefor hesitationtake outwe mustthese hate-mongers,these weeds thatinhibit the progressof the fertile ground of friendshipand humanity.

  3. Bharat, much as ur note may talk of hope not lost and spirit not broken.. i dont know ya, im pesismistic..shall we return to dull humm of our routines.. will there be a resolution?? i saw Barkha Dutt’s we the people yest.. it was absurd.. the media is irresponsible…it talk of inciting collective action is discussed..spirit is just a hyperbole tha has been used by each and every person in power – be it media or politicians to cover a gap they cannot fill.. to cover up a reaction and responsiblity they cannot offer.. they garb it all under spirit.. its sad

  4. @rydhunI understand your cynicism, and feel some too…but optimism and hope should not be conflated with fecklessness…we must act but once the spirit of the people is demolished,it is near impossible to resurrect it…hence the need to inject hope

  5. yes, it was terrible! but mumbai (read India) has seen it all to get afraid ! the civilization is very anchored in resilience, hope, grit and humanity. Such events do not hinder it though!

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