Nothing quite salutes the ego than blogging. Here is an idea where one can take one’s deep thoughts (regardless of their value) and immortalize them in cyberspace. It does not matter whether your works are of publishable quality or simply not worth the chips that store them as memory. You have written a piece and so shall it be, forever. Then comes the idea of posting links on facebook and orkut directing unsuspecting friends to your blog where they can get a taste of your narcissistic personality. Shameless self-advertizing sounds too egotistical, and hence bloggers have resorted to scratch each others’ backs by a fantastic tool called blogroll. Here one blogger tells his readers about a list of blogs he follows. I friend of mine (a fantastic blogger himself) had added me to his blogroll, and while I was a little slow on the uptake in adding him to mine, I found many messages on orkut, some on Gchat and a couple of phone calls where I was urged to blogroll him. You know who you are…so blush away!

Well, I’ve been tagged by buddy to post links to five posts of mine w.r.t certain topics. The list is Family, Friends, Yourself, Your love, Anything you like.

Here is the strange thing. I have not written jack about family. I don’t know why. So, sorry buddy. One down, four to go. Friends are few and far between, but the ones there are, are for keeps. The guy who fought so hard to get into my blogroll is a true friend. There aren’t many posts on that either. There is one I wrote when a friend was making a presentation. Somehow, I was able to pen down a poem during his apparent soliloquy.

Yourself: Now that is a topic on which any self-respecting blogger can write volumes. So here, here and here are some links on articles about myself.

My love: This is a topic where I cannot speak much, given my shy nature (wink, wink). So here and here are some posts which might shed some light.

Anything you like huh…let’s see…I like to talk about various issues: God, politics, philosophy, writing etc.

So here it is, a slate with some of my shameless self-advertizing, or what we call a blog! I am supposed to tag five others, so here they are: avalok ishwar, phoenix, rydhun, sthitapragnya and buddy.

To all you nitpickers out there, I know I am tagging buddy uselessly, as he has already done this one, but I am not gonna pass up a chance to call him brilliant. That’s it man…no more compliments for you for a month at least!



10 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. shaniyan…u r supposed to take the brilliant award as well and call urself thatmuch brilliance this is!and who fought to be in ur blogroll?me wants to know

  2. @buddyThanks for the compliment…as for the one who wanted to get into my blogroll, check my orkut scraps…he has scrapped me “blogroll me you ox!”

  3. Yayy!! Tagged again!! Thanks!! I won’t threaten you in scraps or facebook msgs! So, what else does it take to get into your blogroll? 😛 Yes, I’m shameless! And also, I found the scrap you’re talking about. Right again! I’m more jobless and idle than you can imagine!

  4. do u care to inform the ppl who have been tagged??? eh??anyway, read few of the above posts of urs… liked em… umm.. yea thats it..take care

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