Goes without saying

There are some things in this world that I take as a given, and feel that the energy required to convince others of it will sap what is left of my zany spunk (hah!). I am listing them out, so that people can subscribe to my viewpoints, or correct me where I need it:

  • Every kid in India should get education (thank UPA govt. for the Act; let’s see the execution though)
  • Developing countries sometimes have projects so large that only the government can handle them. For all the talk present on Ayn Rand’s facebook page, how many times has she eradicated polio or educated a growing young population?
  • Developed countries, on the other hand, have well established markets that can handle many projects better than a sluggish large governmental organization
  • Dishes must be washed right after they’re used; at all times the kitchen sink should be empty
  • Toilet paper must be torn at the perforated edge. That’s why they have it! Wouldn’t it have been easier to manufacture without the perforation? Surely it is there for a reason! There are some bohemians who seem to grab at it randomly, leaving a snowflake-like pattern that uncomfortably reminds the next user of how he is sharing an ass-wipe product with others
  • As Rutherford said, “All science is physics. The rest is merely stamp collecting.” What an ego! But, he might be right!
  • Parents who stay parents and avoid being their kids’ friends are the best
  • Fat 40″ waists immediately take away your right to chastise someone for their drinking/smoking in a sanctimonious way

I guess this list should be extremely long, but I’m on vacation! So, this is all I am gonna write for now!

6 thoughts on “Goes without saying

  1. What if you need just a tiny bit of paper towel and you are environmentally inclined and do not want to waste paper?

    liberalcynic: Interesting! If your bowel movements are that tiny, I suggest you wait a while and save up!

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