Comment policy

Hey guys,

I am a big proponent of free speech, and it hurts me to curb it even slightly.

Which is why this hurts a lot! Here are some rules for commenting:

  • Please refrain from personal attacks against me or other commenters
  • Any religious, political, or regional mud-slinging rhetoric will be removed. If you have a controversial statement to make, make it, and support it with data
  • If you visit the blog, do comment. It is nice to know that there is someone out there!

There! It is that simple. Now I know what you’re thinking:

Why would he discourage the precious few comments he gets with constraints?

Excellent point. That’s another reason this page hurts. We do need to keep this clean though.

2 thoughts on “Comment policy

  1. It’s good to keep a comments policy… though, on my blog, I find some trolls ignore these suggestions and continue to make personal attacks, and religious and regional mudslinging continues non stop 🙂

    liberalcynic: on my old blog (on blogspot) I had gotten a couple of comments that were off color. So now better safe than sorry.

  2. I try to stay away from political topics ’cause, as you say, I get hurt a lot. So I’ll take a chance and tell you I’m an intelligent, compassionate, economic Conservative. Hopefully we can talk.


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